Homecoming (The Hundred #3) – Kass Morgan Review





The humans from the Colony have finally made their homecoming journey back to Earth. But how much will they disrupt the peaceful camp the Hundred have started to call home? We join Clarke, Wells, Bellamy and Glass as they continue to discover just how hard being a human on Earth really is.

I adore this series, I really do. It’s just a series of books I find so easy to pick up and get stuck into and Homecoming does the same for me. I remember when this arrived through my letterbox a few weeks ago, I was so excited to read it! The following review will contain spoilers, so if you really wish to read on – just be warned, okay?

So we rejoin our favourite delinquents back on Earth. They’ve met the Earthborns and made peace with the good ones, but all that progress could be undone with the arrival of Vice Chancellor Rhodes and the rest of the Colony. I really despise Rhodes, he’s such a dillhole (an insult me and my other half made up) and I just didn’t appreciate the way he came swanning down to Earth and expected to be listened to by the people he sent to basically die.

I appreciated that the characters kept their personalities throughout the series of books whilst still being able to develop. I also liked how Kass Morgan brought Glass into the fray with the rest of the group on Earth after having been stuck up on the Colony trying to survive whilst oxygen was constantly running out. Yet again the transitions between characters kept the story fresh, so when you had enough of one character, we moved onto another’s perspective especially when other things were happening. Personally, I would’ve liked to see a bit more of Octavia’s perspective especially as in the show she is a huge character to the plot, and I think that in the trilogy she could’ve done with a bit more limelight alongside her brother. I wanted the attitude, bad-ass Octavia to come alive like she did in the series but alas, we didn’t hear much from her either.

In one of my reviews of The Hundred and Day 21 on Goodreads, I noticed that a lot of the dialogue was cheesy and a bit ‘cringe’ and this kept that theme up. I don’t mind a bit of corn usually but there was one thing in this book that bugged me a lot, when two characters that were in a relationship/or had feelings for someone – it just seemed too forced. Every other chapter was ended with someone tipping on their toes/balls of their feet/being pulled in for a kiss/pulled down to a bed or something and it just didn’t really contribute much to the plot for me.

I also found the way the book ended was too…much of a perfect happy ending. There was the great big conflict with Bellamy being executed and then rescued, then the attack on the good Earthborns at Mount Weather after Bellamy, Clarke and Wells were recaptured by Rhodes’ guards and then the attack by the bad Earthborns on the Hundred’s camp and then suddenly Rhodes pardoned Bellamy just like that and he became a part of the new Council. It was just like…..what? That happened fast. It just felt like a really unrealistic end to the trilogy. I wanted more conflict, I wanted Bellamy to get vengeance on Rhodes for being the power-hungry nonce he was. I wanted the Hundred to be pulled apart, to be stretched to their limits – especially the main characters (not to mention the fact that Clarke’s parents suddenly showed up out of the blue just after one small conversation and guess what…THEY STILL LOOKED THE SAME after all that time, who would’ve thought it?!) – but it just felt like a disappointing end to the trilogy. It should’ve ended spectacularly but instead I feel like Kass Morgan chickened out of killing some more important characters off, to give light to other issues beyond the camp – I wanted more of that Hundred vs Grounders (with the bad Earthborns at least) type of war that the writers of the show gave us. But it just honestly felt like a “meh” end.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the book, because I did. It was a really fun read after the last book I read which had actually made me feel a little indifferent to reading for a few days/a week or so – hence why you hadn’t seen much of me posting but alas I am back – and I’ll start to try post a bit more now that I’m out of my little reading slump. Nonetheless, I would give this book three stars as it was a fun read and allows you to just sit back and be constantly engaged by the characters.

Up next on my reading list is The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski. Looking forward to that.

I received a free copy of this book via BookBridgr in exchange for a completely honest review. Also cross-posted to Goodreads.


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