A wonderfully interesting and informative update

Afternoon everyone. I’m such a terrible person, well a terrible person at blogging and/or reading the books I have. I’m in one of those slumps where reading a book just feels like a mountain and my brain can’t manage to comprehend a single word that I’m reading at times. I hate that this sounds like an excuse as I love reading but since my fiancé has started a new job, it’s been difficult to adjust to and my mind has been unable to stop thinking or worrying about him because of my anxiety. I’m very prone to thinking the worst and panicking easily so you can imagine that I’d rather my books didn’t get tear stains all over them!

I’ve also had quite the large distraction since the last time I posted. For those who are familiar with the free language learning app/website Duolingo, I have recently become a course contributor to help those learning Dutch (and the Dutch learning English). I’m not exactly fluent in Dutch yet but the other contributors/moderators thought I had something (for some reason) that would add to their team of wonderful people (god knows what qualities they saw :P) so I applied and managed to get on their team! Yay! I had to write my application in English and then into Dutch….which took me 6 hours! Crazy right? So far it’s been very hands on, clearing user reports and talking ideas with some very intelligent people. I’m really enjoying it though and it helps with keeping me from my thoughts – as said above – when the fiancé is at work. It also has helped my Dutch, I feel a bit more confident reading and attempting to write to people. Don’t worry, I won’t start writing my posts in Englutch (English and Dutch). Also, if you like languages and have always wanted to learn a language for free…Duolingo is your place *cough* I’m biased but trust me, they have so many languages to offer (over 40), it’s a fun community and there are tons more to come!

I just thought I would give a general update as to what is going on with the blog and why I haven’t been responding to review requests (sorry those who have been hoping for a reply, I’ll get back to you shortly/during the weekend!) and generally not posting as much on here or on instagram. I’m temporarily closing review requests until I get back on my feet. I have so many books to read and it’d be unfair on myself and budding authors who want reviews if I leave them open and then those authors are just left hanging. So to give myself enough time to sift through books at a comfortable pace, they’ll be closed.

I hope everyone is doing well! And I’ll also give you an update on my current read:


Thoughts so far?
It’s a bit of a slow read. So far all I’ve dealt with is a lot of character and world-building. I know as it’s the first in the series, there’s bound to be a lot of that but the first few chapters are just filled with getting to know the character stuff. Personally, I’d rather get to the know characters and the world by exploring it and being shown things rather than being told something happened. I’m just past page 90 – I did say I’m having a slump, already ;) – so maybe there’s a lot more action to come! For those who have read Those Above, how did you find the beginning of it? Please let me know in the comments below (hé that rhymed!) ;)


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