Those Above (The Empty Throne #1) – Daniel Polansky Thoughts / Review






I’m going to try something different with my book reviews as I feel they’re going a bit stale and I’ve not had fun writing them in a while as I feel every review lately is in the same format and it feels too formal. I don’t feel as though my personality and my actual thoughts of the book are being stilted by the format. Sure, I’m honest with every single book I read (if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t say I didn’t like a book huh? ;) ) but regardless, the format is restricting me in regards to creativity – as most book review templates do on book blogs especially when they feel so formal and stiff.

Anyway, I started reading Those Above somewhere in May (I think somewhere in the beginning of it) as it was at the top of my TBR ARC pile – I still have quite a few to read from Book Bridgr which I eventually – and I thought I needed to get it read, but as I had been in a long and tiresome reading slump I had hoped that this book would drag me out of it but if anything it actually made it worse.

I had gone into Those Above with a huge amount of optimism as I had heard so many great things about it, but it really disappointed me. I haven’t even been able to finish it because I just simply couldn’t get into the constant character and world building. I managed to read 100 pages before I decided I was completely bored. Perhaps it was just the fact that I had picked up a book that I wasn’t at all ready to get into yet or the fact that I was bored by the constant need to explain every little thing behind each action.

Don’t get me wrong, Polansky has a fantastic set of writing skills at his disposal and as it’s the first in the series he probably has some huge twists and turns up his sleeve to come out but I just wanted the speed of everything cranked up a little. Everything was far too slow for my liking. A book that piques my interest shouldn’t take over 100 pages for me to get into (usually I set the limit at the first 50 pages but I usually feel bad for putting down a book). So for what I’ve read, I’m giving it a 2 stars because it just didn’t appeal to me. Who knows, I may turn back to the book in the future and find that I was wrong about it – as is the beauty of being able to re-read a book – but I just didn’t find it interesting which I’m really sad to say as when I first came across it, I wanted to read it but….I’m honestly disappointed that it didn’t even remotely intrigue me reading it.

I received a free copy of this book via BookBridgr in exchange for a completely honest review.


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