Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard Review


So earlier this year my gorgeous fiancé bought the Red Queen for my 23rd birthday back in August. I had been wanting to read this book desperately, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere nor could I afford to buy a copy. That’s where my fiancé decided he would get it for me, because he’s such a sweetheart. Anyway, this book is amazing. It’s probably one of the best books I’ve read this year so far.

You know when you want a book so badly and you can’t wait to read it but at the same time you’re scared that where you have hyped it so much in your head that you’re scared to read it in case you’re disappointed? Well that’s why I put off reading it for a few months (that and my anxiety has been all over the place). I was so scared of being disappointed by it that I just spent most of the days daydreaming of what it might be like to read it.

So then I read it.

AND I WASN’T DISAPPOINTED! I honestly can’t wait for Glass Sword. But going back to RQ! It seriously wasn’t disappointing and I’m so, so, so glad I finally got to read it. There are many unexpected twists. And I love how easy it was to read. Sometimes when I read fantasy my head starts throbbing from all the fancy words they throw at the reader and then most of the time, I’m spent looking at Oxford dictionary trying to find a definition. I’m not dumb but it was nice to read a book where you didn’t have to decode every other word in the genre (at least in my experience).

So yay! 5* to RQ and Victoria Aveyard for writing an awesome book! *throws confetti*

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